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Upcoming high school LGBTQIA+ lesson

Upcoming high school LGBTQIA+ lesson

An LGBTQIA+ History and Culture lesson will be provided during a high school advisory/foundation time the first week of April. 

Why it matters: Each day our schools work diligently to create safe and welcoming learning environments for all scholars. Additionally the Minnesota Human Rights Act, the Safe and Supportive Schools Act, and district policies 102, 508 and 514 all require the acknowledgement of our LGBTQIA+ community. Each and every one of our high school scholars will benefit from this increased focus on the individuality of learners. 

How it will work: High schoolers will hear a 40-minute lesson in one of their advisory/foundation times the first week of April. The skills, abilities and knowledge that scholars will attain include: 
Students will gain a deeper understanding of LGBTQIA+ histories and identities. 
Students will gain an understanding of the importance of using correct pronouns and respecting diverse identities.
Students will help create a brave space that is respectful of all members of our community.

Parents/caregivers of current high school scholars are, as always, welcome to review learning materials. Those interested in seeing these particular learning materials are asked to fill out this form to schedule a time to see them at the Educational Service Center, 1200 93rd Ave. N, Maple Grove. This opportunity will be available beginning on March 19. 
As with any lesson, parents/caregivers are welcome to choose an alternative learning activity for their scholar if desired. College and career readiness will be the focus of the alternative learning activity in this particular instance. Families wishing to proceed in this direction are asked to fill out the lesson opt out form.

The backstory: The LGBTQIA+ History and Culture Resolution is rooted in our core values and strategic plan priorities. Further details on its inception and first steps have been shared in recent updates:

Thank you for your continued support of our schools and scholars. It takes all of us working together to create One Community for All at Osseo Area Schools.