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Handbook & Expectations

Live each day The Crimson Way

Our student and family handbook provides important information about life at Maple Grove Senior High, including:

  • Student expectations and The Crimson Way
  • Academic support
  • Daily schedules
  • Student awards and recognition
  • Behavior and conduct
  • Secondary educational options
  • Policies your family should know

MGSH Student/Family Handbook

mgsh robotics students

What is The Crimson Way?

Unique to Maple Grove Senior High is The Crimson Way, a set of beliefs and values that guide students and staff each day.


  • Lead by example
  • Persevere and finish what you start
  • Pursue that which inspires you
  • Excel by doing what is right



  • Appreciate opportunities and those who create them
  • Be selfless, thoughtful and kind
  • Respect school expectations and our time together
  • Take care of our school and property


  • Challenge yourself to think critically and inquire
  • Respect and meet deadlines
  • Set goals and plan for your future
  • Strive for success with a growth mindset



  • Be proud of who you are and where you come from
  • Own up to your actions
  • Stand up for others and respect our differences
  • Take pride in our Crimson Family

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